Monday, 10 January 2011

Top 3 Cute Tattoo Designs For Girls

Getting a tattoo is becoming a trend these days. A lot of young girls have gone to get their first inking as early as their teenage years. Yes, a lot of these designs are very common but with just a little alteration, a regular tattoo becomes personal and reveals a lot more about one's personality.
There are many popular designs of Cute Tattoos For Girls. Among those that top the lists of most popular ones are the following:
Stars are interpreted as light and energy and have been known in the ancient times as a means of guidance. Egyptians look up to the stars in anticipation of people's fate in the afterlife. Servants of the Pharaoh refer to the stars to predict their master's fate. In medieval times, the study of the stars led to the development of the calendar. Stars illuminated the night sky and have been used as a reference to for direction back when the compass was yet to be invented. The great northern star was what led the three kings to the location of the Christ's stable in the story of the Nativity. The location and alignment of the stars also serve as reference for astrologers to predict the future of people born under different zodiacs.
Butterflies are known for their beauty. They come in different colors and sizes and are often mesmerizing. Girls opt for this design especially because of the beautiful patterns, colors and what it represents. Butterflies stand for independence. Often perceived as a feminine symbol, it represents the female strength and beauty combined.
Tribal Tattoos
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Tribal tattoos are often used as marriage symbols but nowadays, individuals come up with their own designs to make them more personal with their own special meanings. Tribal tattoos come from a culture. It is actually a way of illustrating a certain image such as wings, butterflies and other designs.

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