Monday, 10 January 2011

Locating Cute and Sexy Ankle Tattoo Designs For Girls and Women

It can often be very discouraging looking for the perfect tattoo design.  Women and men both can spend hours and hours searching online trying to find the perfect tattoo design.  If you are thinking about getting a sexy or cute ankle tattoo design that is idea for women or girls then this article will help you identify some of the important steps and factors to watch out for as you find or design your own ankle tattoo design.
Keep it Small
One of the most important things to remember tis that the ankle is a not a very big area to get a tattoo done on.  It is a small canvas so to speak so you really want to adjust the design that you are looking for to fit the space.  For example a ankle tattoo is probably not the idea place to get a big Japanese print theme done.  So you want to think small in the beginning and keep you ideas hovered around small designs that will work well in the area.  Yes designs can be shrunk to fit better and resized to some degree.  However, you don't want to shrink it down or up to much.
Not To Intricate
Another thing to carefully think about and plan ahead of getting the tattoo is you want something that is not to intricate.  If you are going for a very small and complex Celtic knot work tattoo it is for sure going to fade with time and not look that hot.  In fact it will end up as a big ink blob on your ankle.  So keep in mind you want something that is small and not to intricate or it will turn into a blob of ink.

Lots of Color
One good thing is you can incorporate a good amount of color in the design.  By using bright and strong color combinations you will make the tattoo really pop and stand out on the ankle.
Benefits of Ankle Tattoos
There are a lot of benefits to ankle tattoo designs and this is why they are so popular among women.  First of all you don't have to worry much about the sun fading the tattoo design much over time.  Typically the ankle does not get a lot of direct sunlight and it is usually easily covered up with a sock.  Therefore the design will stay bright and strong for a long time to come and not need much touching up or sunscreen.  Another benefit is they are easy to keep hidden in the professional work place if needed.  Last they are often less expensive because of their size and ease of design.
Ankle tattoos are always make a cute and sexy feminine tattoo design that works great for girls.  Just remember the points above and make sure you don't get a design that is to large or to intricate and you should end up with a tattoo that you love for a long time to come.

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