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They say music is a universal language. Some even go as far as saying it is the language of the soul. But whatever language music speaks, the fact that it has universal appeal cannot be denied.

 If you're a music enthusiast and Twitter or Reddit are two of your online hangouts, you'll most likely love Muzooka, a music streaming application that brings together music lovers, unsigned/independent music artists and record producers in a single place to discover and share music. Aside from its online portal,, Muzooka also offers its services through downloadable applications for supported mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone.

According to Shawn Wilson, Muzooka's co-founder and CEO, having been in the music arena for four years, meeting and talking with top industry producers and executives, he noticed that one of the biggest issues surrounding the space was obtaining new talent, especially nowadays when so much content abounds. After months of research, and with the help of his Silicon Valley friends, Shawn discovered the short answer to the problem – the absence of a new discovery platform and lack of social engagement in the existing applications.

That was when Muzooka was born.

When asked what has been the biggest challenge encountered by his team so far, Shawn admitted it had to do with the application’s launch date. He recognized that while it was important to “ship” a product, it was far more important to penetrate the market with the best possible product. Shawn believes that his focus on creating a lean product is one contributing factor to his success so far. For him, in the feature department, less is more. As well, getting the word out about the product, especially in the early phases, is critical.

 A couple of weeks back, Muzooka was presented at the Silicon Valley Plug and Play Tech Center launch in Calgary. Out of over 80 applicants, only 13 made it to the presentation. Muzooka was one of the lucky four startups to be granted an investment of $25,000, plus mentorship and free office space in both Calgary and Silicon Valley.

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