Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Magnetic Pots

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From bottle caps to spiral tubes, regular readers may have noticed the recent wave of innovative ideas for urban dwellers to grow plants and herbs in limited space, and the latest seed of inspiration comes from US company Urbio with their “magically magnetic urban vertical garden”.

Urbio is a collaboration between Beau Oyler and Jared Aller of Enlisted Design and Tim Cui of Volare Studio. They aim to enable those living in apartments and lofts or working in offices to exercise their green fingers by utilizing wall space. Pots made of eco-plastic contain a large neodymium magnet which attach them to each other as well as to the modular magnetic back plates which can be mounted onto walls or ferrous surfaces, creating a vertical garden. The magnets are strong enough to hold the pots to the wall when filled with plants, and pots can be removed with a firm tug to be watered. Designed with affordability in mind, back plates are USD 10 and pots start at USD 20. Urbio are taking pre-orders and expect to start shipping early October.

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Link of the day - If You Sell Links On Your Site, I Will Buy Them Off You

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